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Welcome to the Home of the Famous
Cape Cod Canal Fishing Guide Web Site and
the '2013' Fishing Season

We are not selling Maps this year (2014)!

This guide was originally developed by Cape Cod Charlie, a local prolific fisherman that owned two tackle stores located on each side of the canal.  People would frequent his stores seeking fishing advice and he had plenty to offer.  All of that advice is documented in this guide.

 Fishing this wonderful waterway can be a frustrating experience or one of the best.  The difference between the two is knowing where, when, and how to do it.  This guide contains that information in illustrations and charts.  If you love to fish and simply want to improve your results or if you're just visiting the Cape and want to have a great fishing experience along the canal, this guide will help.


Map shows Best Fishing Spots
measures 11" x 17"

The reverse side (not shown) contains instructions for using the charts and fishing tips and tricks from Charlie.

 Laminated Map & 'Timetable-Tide' Chart Set

 $20    (includes S/H)


Laminated "Fishing Timetable"

Shows the best times
each day to fish the Canal

Updated for 2013





Cape Cod Canal Fishing Map

This is one of the Few Fishing Products that tells you WHERE to fish, WHEN to fish, and HOW to Catch'em.   Includes species migration schedule, pole numbers along the canal on where to fish (fishing holes of the locals), what bait to use, how to rig special baits, and what time of day to fish.

Fishing the Cape Cod Canal can be one of the most thrilling Fishing experiences of your life or one of the most frustrating.  Knowing exactly where the best fishing holes are, what bait to use, what time to fish, and the time of year to fish each species makes all the difference.

The Map contains all this information plus many best kept secret fishing spots, so accurately identified that results are all but certain.

Charlie's Cape Cod Canal Fishing Timetable is based on the times of slack tides as provided by the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers for the full calendar year 2012. However, these have been advanced by approximately 1 hour and converted to Eastern Standard time which allows the fisherman a cushion for time of arrival and also reduces any conversion errors.

Charlie's Fishing Timetable has proven to be very accurate and certainly takes the guesswork out of what the 4 best times of each day are to start fishing. The time table "2013" is good from April 1st through November 31st.

Hope you have a Great Fishing Season!   Charlie.



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